Onion Bhaji£1.50Add +
Seekh kebab meat£2.50Add +
Shami kebab£2.95Add +
Mix Kebab£3.80Add +
Karahi kebab£3.80Add +
Chicken Tikka£2.80Add +
Lamb Tikka£3.50Add +
Chicken Wings£2.85Add +
Chicken Shashleek£3.25Add +
Meat samosa£2.00Add +
Veg samosas£1.85Add +
Chicken pakora£2.00Add +
Veg pakora£2.00Add +
Popadom's£0.40Add +
Prawn puree£3.50Add +
Masala Fish£4.50Add +
Palak paneer£2.95Add +
Saag dall£2.95Add +
Tarka dall£2.95Add +
Channa masala£2.95Add +
Bhindi bhujia£2.95Add +
Aloo matter£2.95Add +
Aloo palak£2.95Add +
Aloo Gobi£2.95Add +
Kari Pakora£5.00Add +
Lassi Saag£5.00Add +
Tandoori Sizzler
All tandoori dishes are cooked in clay oven and served with fried rice or naan and salad
Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka£5.90Add +
Chicken Tandoori 1/2£5.50Add +
King Prawn Tandoori£6.90Add +
Tandoori Mix£7.90Add +
Chicken Tikka Shashlik£6.90Add +
Mixed Grill Sizzler£7.50Add +A combination of the best grilled selection on the menu
Desi Special Ka Maza
Pathia£5.50Add +Sweet And Sour
Dansak£5.50Add +A traditional medium and sweet curry
Masala£5.00Add +Cooked in a mild sauce
Korma£5.50Add +A mild dish cooked with fresh cream, coconut and almond powder
Bhuna£5.50Add +Combination of special spices fried together with fresh green peppers, onions and tomatoes
Rogan Rosh£5.50Add +Made from onion, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and spices, garnished with fresh garlic and coriander
Karahi£5.50Add +Fried onions, green peppers, tomatoes, special herbs and spices
Dupiaza£5.50Add +A traditional medium curry cooked with herbs and spices with large onions and capsicums, strong in flavour and very tasty
Jalfrezi£5.50Add +A spicy medium dish cooked with herbs and spices, garnished with onions, tomatoes, capsicums, coriander and garlic
Biryani£5.50Add +Quality basmati rice prepared with selected masala spices that are layered and steamed over a period of time. Various varieties available
Balti£5.50Add +Specially prepared in a sizzling Indian cooking pot which consists of garlic, onions, tomatoes and coriander. Highly recommended
Desi's Traditional Home Made Curry Offers
Served with naan or rice or 2x rotis or chips
Chicken Curry£5.50Add +
Lamb Curry£5.50Add +
Keema Curry£5.50Add +
Veg Curry£4.50Add +
Dal Curry£4.50Add +
Piey£5.00Add +No sides
Ojari£5.00Add +No sides
Lamb Bone£5.00Add +No sides
Chicken Bone£5.00Add +No sides
All our pizzas are made using fresh dough with a base of cheese and tomato sauce
Margherita£3.50Add +Cheese and Tomato
Pepperoni£4.50Add +Cheese, tomato and pepperoni
Funghi£4.50Add +Cheese, tomato and mushrooms
Pollo Funghi£4.50Add +Chicken and mushrooms
Chicken Tikka£4.50Add +
Doner Pizza£4.50Add +
Vegetarian (V)£4.50Add +Mushrooms, sweetcorn, pepper, onions, olives and fresh tomato
Hot & Spicy£4.50Add +Salami, pepperoni and chilli
Desi Special£5.00Add +Chicken doner, peppers, keema, mushrooms, onions and sweetcorn
Make your own Pizza£4.50Add +Up to 4 toppings
Garlic Breads
Garlic Bread£2.00Add +
Garlic Bread£2.50Add +With cheese
Veg Calzone£4.50Add +
Meat Calzone£6.00Add +
Mixed Calzone£6.50Add +Chicken tikka and vegetable
Served with chips, salad and a choice of sauce
Cheese Burger£2.50Add +
Veggie Burger (V)£2.50Add +
Beef Burger£2.50Add +
American Burger£2.50Add +With fried onions
Chicken Burger£2.50Add +
Fish Burger£2.50Add +
Hawaiian Burger£2.50Add +With pineapple
Zinger Burger£3.00Add +Spiced
Shami Burger£2.50Add +Spiced
Onion Bhaji Burger£2.50Add +Spiced
Special Burger£4.50Add +Doner and chicken
Kebabs & Wraps
Served on naan with fresh salad
Chicken Tikka£4.00Add +
Seekh£4.00Add +
Doner Kebab£4.00Add +
Karahi kebab£4.00Add +Diced chicken fried in butter, capsicum and tomatoes
Seekh Nan£5.00Add +
Mixed Kebab£5.00Add +Chicken tikka and doner lamb tikka
Lamb Tikka£5.00Add +
Masala Fish£5.00Add +
Shai Naan£6.00Add +Seek doner, chicken, salad and chilli sauce
S.F. Chicken
1 Piece of Chicken£1.20Add +
1 Piece of Chicken£1.60Add +With Chips
2 Pieces of Chicken£2.60Add +With chips
3 Pieces of Chicken£3.60Add +With chips
4 Pieces of Chicken£4.60Add +With chips
Softdrinks£0.80Add +
Rubicon Variety£0.90Add +
Mango Lassi£1.50Add +
Sweet Lassi£1.00Add +
Bottle of Soft Drink£1.99Add +1.5 litre
Hot Drinks
Tea£1.50Add +
Coffee£1.00Add +
Desi Chai£1.50Add +
Chapatti£0.50Add +
Tandoori Roti£0.70Add +
Naan£1.20Add +
Garlic Naan£1.50Add +
Keema Naan£1.80Add +
Peshawari naan£1.80Add +
Paratha£1.50Add +
Aloo Paratha£1.75Add +
Keema Paratha£1.95Add +
Pilau Rice£1.50Add +
Peas Pilau Rice£1.75Add +
Keema Rice£2.50Add +
Egg Fried Rice£2.50Add +
Mushroom rice£2.00Add +
Chips£1.20Add +
Plain Salad£1.00Add +
Pickle£0.60Add +
Raita£1.25Add +
Poppadoms£0.40Add +
Mango Chutney£0.60Add +
Chilli/ Mint Sauce£0.20Add +
Chips & Cheese£2.00Add +
Chocolate Fudge£2.00Add +
Gajjar Hallwa£2.00Add +
Kulfi£2.00Add +